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About Our Group Salsa Classes

Group Lessons are the most entertaining way to learn how to dance Salsa structured through Casino/Rueda which will take you from a Beginner to a Master Dancer. Dedicate yourself to reaching the Master Level by attending our nightly classes.

Class Facts

  • Salsa Lovers offers over 50 group classes every week
  • Class sizes vary, but the average is 20 to 40 people
  • Group classes are identified by level
  • Students will start in beginner level and gradually move up in levels once they are evaluated
    • Our 55-minute Group Classes give students a chance to learn new dance moves in an environment where you can practice their steps before hitting the dance floor
    • We work on a rotation basis which means it is not necessary to have a partner to learn any of the dances because we frequently rotate partners during each class

Class Levels

At Salsa Lovers, the instructors teach using a specific syllabus of steps and turn patterns. Our levels are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. In these, you will find sub levels (Beginner 1,2,3 Intermediate 1,2,3 and Advanced 1,2,3) In order to advance to the next level, the instructor must test your knowledge of the steps before you can move on.



Beginners Level – 7:00PM

In our beginner course we will teach you the fundamentals of learning how to dance salsa. We start with the beginner steps which are crucial to learn.

In beginner level two we will partner you up and teach you how to initiate the dancing and in by beginner level three you will have knowledge of some salsa turns and begin to feel more comfortable with your movements.

Learning how to dance salsa is easy through our structured teaching method. In 20 years we have mastered the secrets of teaching people quickly, and it all starts with our beginners course. In just a few weeks your friends won’t recognize the new you.



Intermediate Level – 8:00PM

Our Intermediate Levels offer further understanding of salsa dancing. In these levels you will be introduced to new combinations and turn patterns that will serve as the foundation for your technique.

Intermediate levels are important because you will learn the essentials of many turn patterns. Stick to the testing yet enjoyable process and you will be surprised at how much you have learned up to this point!



Advanced Level – 9:00PM

In Our Advanced Levels you will combine all that you have learned in the previous levels.

Here, you will be taught fun yet intricate and challenging turn patterns that will have you shining on the dance floor. By the end of Advanced 3 you will have MASTERED all of our levels.

Take a second, look back at your dance journey, and pat yourself on the back, but wait, the fun doesn’t end there!

Push yourself to the next level by joining our “Master Level” classes. In our Master Classes you will learn lengthy, fast, and complex, classic turn patterns that once conquered, will have you looking and feeling like a true SALSA MASTER.

Group lesson age limit: 13 and over.

We recommend for new students to start in Beginner Level 1 in order to get the most out of our program. However, if you’d like to start at a higher level, you can request an evaluation to determine which level of our program will work best for you. A $25 fee is required for all evaluations.

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March 27, 2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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